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Video: Best Scene from GAME OF THRONES Week 4!

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Great scene showing the dynamic between Arya and her father.  Do you have a different favorite scene?  Share it in our comments section.

Genre Shows Top TV BAFTAs!

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Genre TV dominates this year’s TV BAFTAs with “Being Human“, “Misfits”, and “Sherlock” receiving nominations in the best drama series category; Matt Smith (“Doctor Who“) and Benedict Cumberbatch (“Sherlock”) being honored in the best actor category; Martin Freeman (“Sherlock”) and Robert Sheehan (“Misfits”) in the best supporting actor category; and Lauren Socha (“Misfits”) in the supporting actress category.

A full list of nominees after the jump …

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Two fun clips from the new sci-fi actioner!

Go full screen on this, crank your audio, and be prepared for a shock or two.  This clip, more than anything we’ve seen so far, sells this film’s unique cheesy appeal.  Before seeing this we were on this fence on this movie.  Now we’re definitely catching this one on the big screen.

Not as instantly gripping as the first clip, this scene has its own magic, giving a sense of massiveness of this film.  And also compelling look at sprawling mass of Los Angeles.

Video: Ride a Dalek Today!

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This confirms one of our long held suspicions:  All toddlers want to take over the world and exterminate or subjugate the rest of the population.  Don’t believe us?  Watch that video again, paying careful attention to the smiles on those toddlers’ faces.


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Nope, this isn’t a photo from the movie.  These images  show the prototype for the movie tie-in Halloween costume.  And it gives us a pretty good idea what the effect will look like.  And we can definitely see Hugo Weaving coming through in that face.

So we weren’t too keen on the photo revealing Cap’s costume.  That Reb Brownesque atrocity.  But the Red Skull design is much more to our liking.  This movie might be saved by its villian.

Robert Altman’s QUINTET: Learn the Rules!

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Here’s a special treat for our loyal readers:  The rules to the game featured in Robert Altman’s dystopian sci-fi film Quintet.

We were asked about this by one of our readers the other day, and we thought they’d be easy to find somewhere on the web.  But we surprised to discover that they weren’t readily available.  So we dipped into our voluminous archives, created this PDF, and now we’re offering it to you.

This is the official rules pamphlet prepared when the film was released.  You can view it, save it, and print it here.  And we’d love to hear from anyone who’s actually tried to play this game.

Big Week for Horror Films on DVD and Blu-Ray!

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October is the month for horror.  So it’s no surprise that this Tuesday (10/5/10) sees a healthy set horror films coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray.  Leading the pack is the release of the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, and a new to blu-ray releases of The Exorcist, Grindhouse (featuring the theatrical cut) and The Blair Witch Project.  The latter films feature brand new transfers and a wealth of extras.

More info on all these releases after the jump.

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