Brian Blessed Could Have Been the 2nd Doctor!


Gregarious actor Brian Blessed, most famous for his role as Prince Vulcan in Flash Gordon (1980),  was offered the chance to succeed William Hartnel on the seminal British sci-fi show “Doctor Who”.


This is how he explained in a recent interview with the Radio Times:

I was 25 or 26 at the time. Executive producer Andrew Osborn took me for a walk. Z Cars was coming to an end, as was William Hartnell on Doctor Who.

Osborn said, “We’d actually like you to be a young Doctor Who.’ I said, ‘Well, I see him as a wizard and much older really.” And he replied, “Well we’d like him to be very young and very virile, full of imagination and so forth.”

I said, “Well I’d really consider it if you could think of him as being oriental. I’ve always thought that he should be oriental.”

Eventually he came back, saying: “We’ve thought about it; we’re not going to go ahead with the young Doctor. We think it is actually too much. We’re going to offer you Porthos in The Three Musketeers.” So I did that instead alongside Jeremy Brett, the original Sherlock Holmes.”

Something to think about.  Blessed instead Troughton.  A young virile Doctor long before the modern era.  How different our world would be.


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