TARZAN 2016: Is This the Jungle Lord Tarzan Fans Have Been Waiting For?


Tarzan fans got some big news this week.  The David Yates reboot will open July 1, 2016, and will star Alexander Skarsgård (“True Blood”) as Tarzan, Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) as Jane Porter, and Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson in unnamed roles.

But Tarzan fans have reasons to be skeptical.  Recent attempts to reboot classic characters have been disastrous.  John Carter, Green Hornet, and The Lone Ranger have all made it to the screen in films that failed to connect with audiences and burned up large piles of studio resources in the process.

Will Tarzan 2016 be any different?

Tarzan is a unique property.  It requires a mix of action, adventure, romance, fantasy, and even bits of science fiction.  David Yates has touched on many of those things.  But it also requires an understanding of savagery and the intoxicating nature of the jungle.  There we’re not so sure.

The casting also raises eyebrows.  Alexander Skarsgård has the physical presence and brooding intensity for the role.  But is the Swedish born actor really the best choice for Britain’s Lord Greystoke?  Austrailian actress Margot Robbie will portray Tarzan’s love interest, the Baltimore native Jane Porter.   One thing’s for sure, the dialog coach will get a work out on this picture.  Meanwhile the Tarantino alums Christoph Waltz and Sam Jackson round out the cast.  It’s a rather hodgepodge group.

Nothing here breeds grate confidence.

But what do you think?  Share your reactions in the comments section.





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