Mysterious Holiday Booms in Greater Toronto Area!

toronto boom

On both Christmas and New Year’s Eve a series of mysterious booms rocked the Greater Toronto area. These booms have also been heard to a lesser extent in the days surrounding these holidays. They rattled houses and caused minor damage, such the breakage of small objects and the cracking of windows. Many compared the sound to that of a tree falling either on their home or a nearby home. Some of the effected areas include Newmarket, Aurora, Belleville, Richmond Hill, and Sutton.

Most of the Christmas Eve booms occurred around 11 pm. However, the were reports from early in the day, and others extended into Christmas morning. There were numerous Tweets about this event. Reports of these sounds have also been made on New Year’s Eve, and the 2nd and 3rd of the month. Witness accounts on these days are near identical to those on Christmas Eve, with many comparing it to the sound of falling trees.

Unexplained booms is a phenomena which has been reported with increasing frequency over the last decade. They have occurred all over the world. However, most of them have been in the U.S. and Canada. No area has been specifically effected. And they have occurred in both cold and warm climates. And during all seasons of the year. Multiple explanations have been given from sonic booms to underground fraking. But no answer explains them all. In addition to booms, other sounds have been heard, including hornlike blares.  Often these sounds occur in tandem.

The most common explanation for the recent booms in the Greater Toronto areas is a phenomena known as cryoseisms, also called “frost quakes”. This occurs when changing temperatures cause a cracking of earth, rock or ice. It can result in loud earthquake like sounds. However, this occurrence is rare. And many are skeptical of it as an explanation.

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