“Twin Peaks” Blu-Ray Confirmed!


Although it’s been rumored since June, it is now apparently official.  David Lynch and Mark Frost’s quirky television series “Twin Peaks” will be coming to Blu-Ray on March 24, 2014.  A pre-order option is always available on Amazon UK.  Some may still be skeptical due to the lack of box art.   But this is true.  We’ve checked out sources, and their sources.

Super “Twin Peak” geeks will be amused and confused by the release date.  Many expected it to be March 26, 2014.  Because that day would correspond to last episode in which  Laura Palmer said to Agent Cooper in the Black Lodge, “See you again in 25 years.”  However, there actually conversation takes place on March 25.  Though the final scene in the series is on the 26th.  However, given the time difference between the UK and the Western United States (which the fictional town of “Twin Peaks” is located) a March 24, 2014 release date works too.


The full details of the collection have yet to be released.  But so far it appears it will be called “Twin Peaks:  The Entire Mystery”.  It will contain all the episodes of the series and film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and deleted scenes from that film.  More than that hasn’t even been rumored.


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    “Twin Peaks” Blu-Ray Confirmed! | Ghost Radio

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