Hanging Gardens of Babylon Discovered?


Have the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, been found?  One Oxford academic says, “yes!”.

The Hanging Gardens have generally been thought to have resided some where in Babylon, near in Hillah in modern Iraq.  And they were thought to have been constructed by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar.

However, Dr. Stephanie Dalley disputes all this.  Drawing on clues from ancient texts, she has determined that the site is near the city of Ninevah.  And it wasn’t built by Nebuchadnezzar,  but rather by Assyrians sworn enemies of the Babylonians, under their monarch, Sennacherib.   Dr. Dalley believes it was constructed around 2,700 years ago.

Dr. Dalley has picked out an exact spot.  And even had it filmed by a local film crew.  (This area of Iraq is still to dangerous for foreigners.)  However, additional research is needed to lock down her claims.

The Hanging Gardens, according to ancient sources, were brick structures with large planting beds, allowing various flora to drape or hang over the sides.  Though its precise design is not known.

This mix of the constructed and the natural must have been truly a marvel.  Though today we might find it somewhat underwhelming.






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  2. […] Hanging Gardens of Babylon Discovered? (ghostradio.wordpress.com) […]

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