Star Trek Into Darkness bluray UK

In an effort to please retail partners, Paramount has made many standard DVD and Blu-Ray extras only available through specific outlets, leaving the standard commercial blu-ray with a paltry seven EPK style featurettes.  No commentary, no deleted scenes, no trailers, and so on.

If consumers want the commentary they must buy it through iTunes, for more detailed making of feature they must purchase the Best Buy bonus disk, still more features are only available on the Target exclusive bonus disk, and yet more exclusive content is available via Vudu.  In short, if consumers want the more than 200 minutes of  bonus content prepared for this release they must buy the film five times.

Paramount seems to have misunderstood the nature of “exclusive content”.   They seem to think it includes material that the average consumers expects to be part of a standard release.   Not smart, Paramount.  The already ailing blu-ray market doesn’t need this.

Blu-ray fans with all region may find most of the features on some of the film’s foreign SKUs.  But consumers shouldn’t be forced to do this.  U.S. should have a reasonable option on a major U.S. release.

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