Audiobooks Marketed to Multitaskers!

audiobook conception with headphones and books

Audiobooks are hot.  This once decidedly unhip form of entertainment, the purview of grandmas and square commuters, has exploded in recent years.  And most industry mavens think the growth is just beginning.  They feel huge segments of the public will embrace audiobooks given half a chance.

Audible has launched a series of ads on network television.  And now Random House Audio Group has launched a radio, print and online campaign aimed at these potential consumers.  The key to this campaign?  Sell audiobooks as the perfect tool for multitaskers.  They see group engaged in mindless tasks as potential audiobook fans.  So in an effort to grabbing avid fitness fans, they’re placing ads on   They’re hitting travelers with ads on airlines.  And even knitters (!) with ads in Vogue Knitting.

In fact, this ad campaign’s website ( splits potential audibookers into key groups, including runners, crafters, roadtrippers, business travelers, techies and sci-fi fans.  Whether this has just caught sight of trend, or is actually expanding it, is anyone’s guess.  But it’s clear that audiobooks have become a trendier way to fill the hours.

Are you an audiobook fan?  Share some of your favorite titles in the comments section below.  Remember, once you’ve have your first comment approved, all you comments will be posted automatically.  No moderation required!  So join the conversation today1

2 Responses to “Audiobooks Marketed to Multitaskers!”

  1. I can’t really get into audiobooks. Maybe that’s because headphones make me feel disoriented and I’ve never owned an iPod. I wish I had more patience for them, has some real gems of short stories.

    • Audiobooks aren’t for everyone. But keep trying. How about a book of short stories? That gets your feet wet without too much time committeemen. And you don’t need an iPod. Any computer or smart phone will do. Heck, you can even pop an listen on your HDTV!

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