The Next Doctor Special – LIVE BLOG!


This post will give a minute-by-minute account BBC One’s Live Special announcing the 12 actor to be granted the coveted role of the Doctor on beloved sci-fi series “Doctor Who”.

Current front runners for the role include Peter Capaldi, Daniel Rigby, Ben Daniels, Andrew Scott, Sam Troughton, Martin Freeman, Damien Molony, Michael Sheen  and Chiwetel Ejiofor.  Though no clear favorite has emerged.

This post will go live at 7 pm GMT, e.g. 2 pm EST,  11 am PST.

When the post is live, refresh the page for the latest info.

With minutes to go before broadcast, fan forums are going crazy.  But no clear info has leaked.  It still could be anyone.  The excitement is palpable.

Ten minutes to go.

Five minutes to go.

Chasing whales … subject of the BBC One show right now … seems strangely apropos.  The Doctor, after all, is a “whale of a role”!

One minute to go!

Get ready  … it’s about to start.

Here we go … !

Opening with montage of images from the show.  Who’s narrating?  Colin Baker?

A variation of the opening credits being used.

Zoe Ball steps on stage.  Big cheers from live audience.

Ball calls fans “Whovians”.  A smattering of boos at the term.

The Tardis is on stage.

Matt Smith interview later.

Peter Davison on stage!  He claims he doesn’t know who the 12th Doctor is.

He talks about how the role never ends.  And talks about his daughter’s connection with the show.

Liza Tarbuck blathering some nonsense.  No one cares.

Daniel Roche talks about “Rose”.

Roche is asked if would like to be a companion.  He blubbers … um … something …

Tarbuck’s favorite Doctor … Jon Pertwee.

Roche’s favorite … David Tennant.

Davison’s favorite … Patrick Troughton.

Cutting to a taped interview with Matt Smith.  He talks about the backlash when he was cast.  That he was unknown and too young.

He mentions his costume, the tweed jacket, bow tie … and how much he loved wearing the fez.  Clips of him in stetson and eating fish fingers and custards.

He says he passes on the role with a smile.  And says good luck to the future.

He says he would pick the guy who is taking over for him.  He uses the male pronoun.

The 12th Doctor will be played by a male actor!

Matt gets a big round of applause.

Ms. Ball says the next Doctor has entered the building!  She claims she’s “afraid she’ll say the wrong thing”.

Cuts to a taped piece of the various Doctors.

About 20 minutes … let’s see the guy!

No, Ball introduces Bernard Cribbens and some Rufus Hound.

Hound makes some mistakes first about the number of knocks and Eccleston’s name.

Then he says “British” and gets a round of applause.  Cribbens gets round of applause of his years in show biz.

Now a taped piece with Moffat.  He praises Smith.  He talks about seeing lots of people.  Not this time.  They claim they only had one idea this time.

He says he consider this person last time.  But didn’t think he was right.  For that time.  But now his time has come.

Three words to describe the new Doctor:  Different from Matt.

The wait is over … the new Doctor is …


HUGE APPLAUSE!!! Peter’s enjoying it.

Peter sits down.  He’s glad that the wait is over.

“Even though I’m a lifelong DOCTOR WHO fan.  I haven’t played the Doctor since I was nine.”

He says he missed the call that told him he was the Doctor, because he had his phone on silent.

Shows a letter a letter Peter sent to the Radio Times when he was 15 about Doctor Who.

“The Doctor belongs to everyone!” Peter says.

Taped piece of Matt wishing Peter luck.

Big applause confetti drops!!!

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