Peter Capaldi’s Hartnell Tribute!

Hartnell Tribute

Peter Capaldi is a lifelong fan of “Doctor Who”.  So when he stepped on stage during the announcement special today, he found a silent to show this.  He grabbed his lapels and struck a pose made famous by the first Doctor, William Hartnell.  It was an understated moment just for the fans.  It will not be soon forgotten.  Capaldi is a class act.

tribute 2

He promised he’d come back:

7 Responses to “Peter Capaldi’s Hartnell Tribute!”

  1. I think this was a wonderful gesture on behalf of Peter Capaldi. I was stoked to see it!

    I’m currently undertaking my first marathon in which I watch every episode broadcast, in chronological order, and then blog about it – 50 Years in 50 Weeks. You can check out my blog at

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