Doctor Who

“Doctor Who” fans have been on pins and needles for weeks.   They’ve struggled through the longest wait for an announcement of the next Doctor since Jon Pertwee was announced more than forty years ago.  And almost every day a new front runner seems to have have entered the mix.  People with “inside sources” have claimed the next Doctor would ABSOLUTELY DEFINITELY be Ben Daniels, no, it’s Rory Kinnear, no wait it’s Julian Bleach, no, it’s most certainly Daniel Rigby, no, it’s Peter Capaldi!  And that leaves out countless other names that have been plumped for by journos and eager fans.

The end result being:  No one has no idea who it will be.  Even the usual confident rumor hounds are just shrugging.  But we don’t much longer to wait.  On Sunday at 7:00 PM, UK Time, the next Doctor will be announced on a live special on BBC One.   And, fear not American fans, you won’t be left out  of the loop.  The special will simultaneously be broadcasted on BBC America!  Watch a trailer for it after the jump.

Who do you think it’s going to be?  Share your thoughts in the comments section..

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