Missing Episodes of “The Avengers” to be Produced as Audio Dramas!


Like many British shows from the fifties, sixties and seventies, the cult classic “The Avengers” has a number of lost episodes.  They come from the show’s first season.  Long before Diana Rigg donned a cat-suit as “Emma Peel”, when the show was still shot on video tape.  However, Patrick Macnee as “John Steed” was there.  Though quite a different Steed than the one viewers would come to know and love some years later.  And Steed’s partner at this time was “David Keel”, played by Ian Hendry.

This pairing lasted for all of “The Avengers” first season.  But only two complete episodes and one partial episode have survived.  However, now, thanks to the people at Big Finish all of these adventures will live again in audio form.  Big Finish, best known for their “Doctor Who” audio dramas, will begin releasing this series in January of 2014, with a new release every month until all the lost episodes have been produced.  Each release will contain four episodes and be available on audio CDs and as digital downloads.

The shows will be full cast audio dramas.  They will follow the original scripts as closely as possible, but minimal changes will be required to make them sensible as audio dramas.  The series will star Julian Wadham as “John Steed” and Anthony Howell as “David Keel”.  Wadham is well respected character actor with a long list of movie and TV credits behind him.  His film credits The Madness of King George, The Iron Lady, and War Horse.  And he’s appeared in such TV series as “Downton Abbey”, “Midsummer Murders” and “Middlemarch”.  Howell also has a long resume, but mystery fans both sides of the pond probably know his best as “Paul Milner” on “Foyles War”.  A number of “Doctor Who” alums are likely to appear in the series, and Collin Baker and Sophie Aldred have already announce their involvement.

Here’s a trailer for the series:

And you can pre-order the releases here.


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