VIDEO: The Best Comic-Con Trailers!


Comic-Con draws to a close today.  And attendees had a ball as usual.  But, if you missed it, here’s a collection of  one the best things the event has to offer:  Trailers, brand new trailers!

We start off with the latest trailer for “Hunger Games: Catching Fire”:

Now the first trailer for cult series, Kickstarter sensation and now movie … “Veronica Mars”:

Next, for zombie fans, here’s the trailer for season four of “Walking Dead”:

If you prefer vampires check this look at season six of “True Blood”:

Not those vampires?  Okay, maybe you want to see this look at season five of “Vampire Diaries”:

But, if you think fairy tales are better than either of these, here’s a look at season three of “Once Upon A Time”:

None of that twists your melon?  How about Vikings?  Yeah?  Well, then check out this looks at season two of “Vikings”:

Next up:  Fox’s remake of the seminal eighties science documentary series “Cosmo”.  This time hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Hey, it’s a comic-con, how about something comic booky, like this:  The trailer for season two of “Arrow”:

And, finally, we will post more trailers as they become available.

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