Stunning videos of what appears to be a meteor exploding in the skies over the Ural Mountains in Russian.  The Associated Press reports that the Russian Academy of Sciences claims that the object weighed more than 10 tons and injured as many as 400 people.  The report went to state that it “entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a speed of at least 54,000 kph (33,000 mph) and shattered about 30-50 kilometers (18-32 miles) above ground”.

This shows the a good view of the object crossing the sky.  And exploding.

This video features an explosion that shakes the area and sets off car alarms.    We’re not sure whether this is a sonic boom or the break of up the object.  If the figures above are correct this would definitely have crated a sonic boom.  It was traveling at Mach 43.  Yup, you read that right, Mach 43!

This video features two explosions.  Probably one is the sonic boom as the object crosses the sky at greater than Mach 1.  And the second is the break up of the object.  The second could also be another sonic boom.

This features another impressive view of the object streaking across the sky.  We are aware that the date stamp on this video suggest it was from December 31, 2012.  But since the video was uploaded today, and looks so similar to the other videos, we’re assuming the date stamp is wrong.

This multi-view allows us to see a driver’s reaction to the event.

Here’s another view of the incident from a traffic camera.

This is very good video of the object’s contrails.  It also features the “sonic boom” at the end.  Followed by a series of other sounds.  They almost sound like mortars.  They may be ground impacts.

These videos show some video from CCTV cameras.  First, a yet another view of the object in the sky.  And, second, and third, shows windows being blown out by the shock wave.

Another video of the effects of the shock wave from the sonic boom.  In this one, you also see some of the panicked reaction of people to the event.  The videographer seems especially disturbed by the event.

Another video of the object moving across the sky.  This one gives the fullest sense of the full trajectory.

Yet another dash-cam video of the event.

And another.

Stationary camera captures the object.

Another CCTV showing reaction to the shock wave in an office.

Shows some broken windows in a school.

Good video of the multiple booms after the first.  If you’ll notice the car alarms are already going off when this video starts, indicating the initial sonic boom has already occurred.

Another shock wave video.  This one featuring the panicked reaction of some children.  And the damage inside a school.

Another dash-cam video.

More of children reacting in a school.  Some images of broken windows.


This pictures purports to be the impact crater.

9 Responses to “VIDEO: Meteor Hits Russia! ALL AVAILABLE VIDEOS!”

  1. Reblogged this on starsword and commented:
    Space War Heating Up! Good Lord!!!

  2. Couldn’t it be a space war? It seems we don’t see this kind of thing very often, and the fact that it keeps exploding makes me think it was something more than just a rock from space!

    • Like the beginning of the movie “Starship Troopers”!

      • A Russian Government official said it was Americans testing their weapons over Russia, but could it be they are both covering up an alien war? Is there any previous meteor crash like this to support that it’s just a meteor?

      • What aspect of it doesn’t seem like a meteor crash to you?

      • The smoke cloud is fishy. Even Russia TOday reported that they intercepted it with air defense. . . but the thing was traveling 33,000 mph! How could you strike something going that fast? The impact sites too… the government is all to swift to confirm ‘meteor! only a meteor!’

      • Those reports of it being struck by missiles were quickly denied.

        It looks like a meteor to us. But we’re always open to other interpretations.

      • yeah I might be wrong, it was just my first impression. Let’s wait and see! It’s just good to keep an eye out, as there are space wars and reports of the Russians Chinese and Americans doing all kinds of things up there that they don’t want us to know, so I tend to not believe the official story until I see something that really concludes the fact that it’s … what they say it is!

      • Yup. It’s always good to keep an eye out, and to be skeptical of any “official story”.

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