BBC Announces New Fantasy Series About Atlantis!


The BBC announced today that they will be replacing the exciting “Merlin” with a series called “Atlantis”.    The series will combined Greek myths with the fabled land of Atlantis.  This series is being credited and written by Howard Overman, the man who brought us “Misfits”, “Vexed” and  the aforementioned “Merlin”.

According to the official press release, the series will focus on the arrival of Jason, later of the Argo, in Atlantis “bringing to life the vast store of Greek myths and legends re-imagined for a new generation in an action packed 13-part series.”

Many have attempted to use Atlantis as a setting for an adventure tale.  It’s rarely worked.  The most recent attempt came from Disney.  But George Pal also took a crack at it.  And that’s one of the few Pal films that isn’t considered a classic.  Will Overman break this jinx?


4 Responses to “BBC Announces New Fantasy Series About Atlantis!”

  1. Wonderful!

    I love Merlin, and don’t want it to end. But, I love Greek myth, and it will be interesting to see how the writers will incorporate the myth of Atlantis.

    Thank you for sharing!

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  3. […] Anyone else getting a Hasselhoff vibe from the guy in the center?  For more on this series click here. […]

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