VIDEO; All the Super Bowl Movie Spots!

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Features new shots not seen in previous trailers.  And more for Trek fans to mull.  But if you weren’t already excited about this film this spot is unlikely to change your mind.

Clever open.  Plays off the huge appeal of Downey.  And offers a cliffhanger of sorts at the end.  Moviegoers will want to see how Old Shellhead gets out of this one.

Hard to make an argument for a sixth film in any series.  But this one does its best.  Advertising more of the same, but bigger and now with the Rock!  That will get more than a few to hit multiplex.

The Rock in some old school action fare.  Good idea.  Trailer on the bland side.

Zombie fans and fans of the book have been underwhelmed.  H’wood seems to forget that bigger isn’t always better.  Especially when it comes to zombies.  This spot did the film no favors on this score.

Not as compelling as earlier trailers.  But still does a great job of selling this 80 year-old character to modern audiences.   Without destroying what made him great 80 years ago.

Perhaps a bit too many effects shots.  But the visual fidelity to the MGM movie, and the presence of a talking (!) flying monkey, a make this compelling stuff.

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