PHOTOS: Hit-Girl Grows Up!

hit girl 1

In comic books, things need never change.  The young can stay young.  Kids can stay kids.  And even the old rarely become too old.  Not so in the real world.  Here the years pass.  And people change.   When Chloë Grace Moretz portrayed the character “Hit-Girl” in the film Kick-Ass, she was about 11.  Her age made the character unique, and more than a bit controversial.


She’s 15 now.  And, as these photos from Kick-Ass 2  show, it means quite a different Hit-Girl.   More awkward teen, less cocky kid.  Will this add a new angsty  dimension to her character?  More confusion?  Or will the self-assure Hit-Girl remain?


It could make the character better.  Or ruin her entirely.

What do you think?  Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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