Shatner Tweets Astronaut; Internet Goes Crazy!


It was a normal day on Twitter until William Shatner did this:

@Cmdr_Hadfield Are you tweeting from space? MBB

And then Commander Hadfield did this:
@WilliamShatner Yes, Standard Orbit, Captain. And we’re detecting signs of life on the surface.
After the jump, a taste of how the Internet responded.
@kitaton called it:

Greatest social media conversation *ever*

@leonblank aptly put it this way:

After these two tweets, Twitter is officially completed.

@clintonducus similarly noted:

The rest of us can stop now, the greatest Twitter conversation has been had

@SETIinstitute, which digs space chatting, said:

Living in the future. Star Trek captain William Shatner is sending messages to space and is getting a response from ISS
And that’s just scratching the surface.  The Shatner/Hadfield conversation didn’t end with those two tweets.  Hadfield noted that he and  Shatner had met before in two dimensions, tweeting this picture of Shatner posing with a cardboard cut-out of the astronaut:
shatner astronaut
Then the Canadian Space Agency (both Shatner and Hadfield are Canadian) got into the act with this tweet:
. @WilliamShatner – Please come to the CSA and chat with @Cmdr_Hadfield live from space. We’d love to show you around.
Shatner responded:
“@csa_asc: @williamshatner Until mid-May.” I can’t make any promises but I will see what I can do. MBB
Yup, even when Canadian Space Agency comes calling, the Shat plays hard to get.  Guess he was waiting for NASA.  That coy bastard.
Meanwhile, Hadfield wasn’t done with the “Star Trek” jokes.  He tweeted this picture:
astronaut chris hadfield
Accompanied by this comment:
I’m proud of being Canadian, but after yesterday’s twitter conversation am starting to question wearing this red shirt.
For more of this hilarity grab your favorite Twitter client and starting following these two space travelers.

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