originalFor some weeks there had been rumors about a new Tardis interior.  Well, the rumors are true.  And here (above) it is.  What do you think?  Too green?  Too Star Trek?  Not enough roundels?  Not Edwardian enough?  Something else?  Offer you thoughts in the comments section.

And, after the jump, some images of Tardises past.


The Tardis interior as it looked during the first Doctor’s (William Hartnell) reign.  The chair and hatstand (not seen in this picture) offer that touch of the past in the otherwise clean, modern design.


The rather dull interior for the second of the Hammer Dalek films with Peter Cushing as the Doctor.


The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) occasionally used this “secondary console room” with its attractive wood paneling.  A favorite with many fans.


Here’s the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) standing in the very eighties console room.  With a distinct Apple II flavor.


The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) in what is often called the “steampunk” Tardis.


The first Tardis for the new series.  Used by both the Ninth and Tenth Doctors.  This is most commonly called the “coral Tardis” due to a design that suggests a organic, undersea quality.


Multiple levels were introduced in the Eleventh Doctor’s (Matt Smith) Tardis interior.

2 Responses to “NEW TARDIS INTERIOR!”

  1. epic fail as matt smith is the elventh doctor not the tenth as the last photo states

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