Star Trek Magazine Goes Retro!


For their 44th issue, the official Star Trek magazine decided to have a bit of fun.  They created cover that pays tribute to the Gold Key “Star Trek” comics.  But it pays tribute not merely to those comics in general.  But to a very specific issue.

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Yup, it’s issue #7.  Featuring a story in which the Enterprise crew encounters a complete replica of earth.  The only difference?  On this planet everything is made of paper mache.   They don’t create stories as wonderfully daft as that anymore.  Not in comics.  Not anywhere.

The only problem with Star Trek magazine’s tribute.  Couldn’t they have gone with wacky Gold Key Star Trek font.  It’s a masterpiece of midcentury modern font design.  And it couldn’t be more wonderful.  But perhaps that was a retro step too far for Star Trek magazine.  Still … it’s a step they should have taken.


4 Responses to “Star Trek Magazine Goes Retro!”

  1. Wow, I never knew these comics existed (I’m just too young). It’d be cool to see a bit more of them in future blogs. Love that Spock beard too – from the parallel universe story, right?

    • Good point, Alastair, we may do a piece on Gold Key’s Star Trek comics some time in the future. They were rather strange. Except in a very general sense, they bore little relation to the series. In the first issue, they seemed to only be working on photo references of McCoy and Janice Rand. Because they were the only characters that looked at all like their on-screen counterparts. Rand even had her characteristic beehive. Though it confused the colorist. Who turned it into a hat?!?

      Yup, this could make quite an interesting post.

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