Will Joseph Gordon-Levitt Have a Cameo as Batman in MAN OF STEEL?


Since the cryptic ending of The Dark Knight Rises many speculated that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would take over as Batman in the either the next Batman film or a Justice League movie.  Now there’s a new wrinkle to these rumors.  People are beginning to suggest that his first appearance as Batman will be in the upcoming Superman film Man of Steel.

Find out all the skinny on this after the jump.


This rumor might have died on the vine.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “people” denied the earlier rumors last month.  But cagey Movieline reporter Frank Digiacomo added a new wrinkle.  At a premiere for Les Miserables in Manhattan this week, he asked Christopher Nolan about the possibility of a Gordon-Levitt cameo as Batman in Man of Steel.  Digiacomo reports that the Man of Steel producer shot him “an enormous Chesire-grin” and said, “I can’t talk about that.  You know that.”

This classic non-denial adds fuel to the fires of speculation.  Was Nolan just having a bit of fun with Frank?  Knowing this would result in another wave of publicity for this already highly-anticipated film.  Or was there more to it?  Many fans seem to love this casting idea.  Possibly hoping it will result as something as much fan as Dick Grayson’s recent turn under the cowl in the comics.


Purists are less impressed.  They believe that Batman should always be Bruce Wayne.  And if that means casting someone other than Christian Bale in the role so be it.  Some even welcome it.  Having tired of Bale’s preening and over-the-top gravelly mumbles.

What do you think?  Let rip in the comments section below.

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