Benedict Cumberbatch will be Playing John Harrison (?) in STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS!

two harrisons

Yup, after years of waiting, Benedict Cumberbatch’s character in the upcoming film “Star Trek Into Darkness” has finally been revealed.  Or has it?

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Recently, a photo (below) was released which identified Benedict Cumberbatch as playing a character called “John Harrison”.   Director J. J. Abrams claimed some time ago that Cumberbatch would be playing a character from the original series.

Was there a character called “John Harrison” in the original series?

Well, not quite.  There was a character called “Harrison” who was referenced in several episodes, including “Space Seed”.  Most experts believe these references are to actor Ron Veto (above left).  But that is not a dead certainty.   Veto isn’t credited.  Nor is he directly addressed by that name.  Veto also appeared uncredited in other episodes that contained no references to a character called “Harrison”.   And he wore gold, blue and red tunics.  So it’s unlikely he was even supposed to be playing the same person.  He also appeared as guard from the planet Eminiar VII in “A Taste of Armageddon”.  Again, uncredited.


So what is Abrams doing here?  Is he playing a little game with the fans?  Offering a commentary on the numerous anonymous crew members on “Star Trek”?  Or is this one of many red herrings we’re likely to see before the film hits the multiplexes on May 17, 2013?

Offer your thoughts in the comments section.

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