Unknown Explosion Rocks Indianapolis Neighborhood!

An explosion of unknown cause, rocked through Indianapolis neighborhood.  Killing at least two people.  Destroying two homes and causing massive damage to a dozen others.  At least 200 people were evacuated to a local school.

Residents from as far as 15 miles away felt the explosion.  Claiming it shook and rattled their homes.

Press initially reported the cause of as a gas leak.  But have subsequently pulled that explanation.  And, Marc Lotter, a spokesman for the mayor’s office, said,  “No cause has been ruled out.”

Conspiracy sites have run wild with speculation, postulating a wide range of causes, including drone strikes, airline crashes, meteor impacts, and government weapons tests.

See some intriguing videos and photos after the jump …

A video of the explosion:

The people who took this video were apparently one mile away.  Some have compared the sound in the video to a motar strike.  If you listen carefully one person on the video identifies it as a “gunshot”.

Aerial photos of the explosion site:

An ABC report:

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