DOCTOR WHO’S Next Companion Will be “Very Different”!

During an event in Australia, “Doctor Who” show-runner Steven Moffat had this to say about the Doctor’s next companion:

The Doctor will be saying hello to someone very different. He is going to meet someone in the very last place he could ever have expected.

Immediately, Internet forums were abuzz with the two most intriguing phrases from this statement  “someone very different” and that the companion will be met “in the very last place he could have every expected”.

Fan speculation ranges from alien companions, robot companions, the Doctor himself, and male companions.  And the “very last place” that has generated thoughts of Gallifrey, the Tardis, the moon, even inside the Doctor himself and other exotic locales.

But knowing Mr. Moffat none of these are even close to the mark.  Stay-tuned.  We will remain on top of the latest developments in this story.


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