Video: Harlan Ellison Talks About Revolution!

Harlan Ellison is coming back into vogue.  Thanks to the documentary Harlan Ellison:  Dreams with Sharp Teeth and POD re-releases of most of his books.  That’s a good thing.  Harlan is essential.

But for those of us who began reading Science Fiction in the seventies, the thought that he would fall out of vogue … ever … is anathema.  He seemed to be everywhere.  Every magazine.  Every bookstore.  And even on TV.  (Writers on TV … imagine that?)  And if you loved thoughts and ideas and science fiction, you wanted to know what he had to say.

He was a cross between Voltaire, Bruce Lee and Mickey Mouse.  And just as entertaining as all three combined.  Here’s a video from the height of fame which gives you a sense of why we dug him so much.

This is a much more serious Ellison than we’ve come to expect in recent years evangelism for power and necessity of Science Fiction.

Here he focuses more heavily on the different way the “new wave” of Science Fiction writers are handing issues of importance.

Here he speaks about his anthology “Again Dangerous Visions”.


2 Responses to “Video: Harlan Ellison Talks About Revolution!”

  1. Thanks. I was watching “Demon with the Glass Hand” (Outer Limits) last night and thinking about Harlan, remembering when he was on Tom Snyder’s TV show back about 1980.

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