ART: Great Horror Comic Book Covers!

Horror comics made quite an impact in the fifties, leading to congressional investigations and eventual a comics code.  But readers of that era just remember how great these comics were.  And one of the things that made the comics great was the covers.  Here we look a bunch of rare ones, offering a comment or two on each.

Looking for an excuse to avoid that next D.I.Y. project?  This cover of the wonderfully titled “This Comic is Haunted” offers an excellent excuse.

This cover offers a maxim to live by:  If a ghoul suggests a game of blind man’s bluff; don’t play!

Gruesome demon of terror?  Don’t know about that.  Looks kinda cute to us.  But we’re weird.  Fangs turn us on.

This cover attempts to sell this crime book as horror.  We think they succeeded.

Is the victim of the monster looking away out of fright?  Or is he simply trying to live up to the cover claim that this book offers “weird yarns of unseen terrors”?

This is a beautiful cover from comic artist Gus Ricca.  But are these really the weirdest horrors they could have devised?

Love the drawing!  Especially the foreground candle.  But that balloon seems to suggest we lose the power of grammar after death.  Or as this cover’s writer might put it:  “Not grammar power we no longer but have.”

We have nothing funny to say about this one.  It’s a brilliant example of the subtle, creepy horror.  And that slightly open door echoes what the editor wants you to do:  Open the book and read!

We accept, Serena, we accept!

One Response to “ART: Great Horror Comic Book Covers!”

  1. I love these! The covers make me want to stay up all night reading them!

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