Video: Tom Snyder Interviews Shatner in 1993!

We’ve gotten some great responses to the previous William Shatner videos we posted, so here’s another one.  It’s just shy of 18 years since this interview aired, but boy has television changed!  You just don’t see interviewers who are as tough, prepared, and professional as Tom Snyder.   He doesn’t let Shatner get away with much.  But he never seems rude or hectoring.  The results?  A damn entertaining interview.

Here Shatner talks at length about his relationship with “Star Trek”  creator Gene Roddenberry.   He also talks about his attitude toward “Star Trek” fans.

In this, the final section, Shatner discusses his Tekwar books and the television series, “Beavis and Butthead”, his horse farm,  and his attitudes toward promotion.

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