Audio: Vincent Price in “Three Skeleton Key”!

Today we offer one of the classics of old time radio:  “Three Skeleton Key”.   Yup, this is the one with the lighthouse and … the rats … legions upon legions of rats!  This story was done numerous times.  This version of the story aired on October 18, 1958.

8 Responses to “Audio: Vincent Price in “Three Skeleton Key”!”

  1. Brandon Ayala Says:

    This makes no sense… Can’t understand the man telling the story or even what the story is about

  2. josh mogan Says:

    this is confusing

  3. Cade Holdeman Says:

    Very good job less commercials plzz

  4. Not that hard, turn off all other devices, close eyes, use imagination……….rats, lighthouse, abandoned boat…..let your mind wander and be free for once.

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