Audio: SUSPENSE: “Devil’s Stone”

This spooky drama comes from the last days of “Suspense”.  It aired on October 30, 1962.  And it’s a great one.  Haunted mansions, whimpering dogs, and mysterious doors!  Will get you in the Halloween mood a few weeks early.

2 Responses to “Audio: SUSPENSE: “Devil’s Stone””

  1. This is more than just from the “last days” of Suspense. This is the show’s final episode and is regarded as the end of the Golden Age of Radio. The writer, Johathan Bundy, was actually a pen name used by Jack Johnstone, one of radio’s finest producer/writer/director practitioners. He also wrote the final episode of Your’s Truly, Johnny Dollar which immediately preceded this Suspense broadcast on 9/30/1962. For more on Jack, see my piece:

    • Thanks for the info. You’re right it was the final episode. For some reason, we had it in our heads that “The Golden Years” was the final episode. Perhaps it was listed that way somewhere. Or it’s just the fact that it would be so appropriate if an episode with that title had been the final ep.

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