TERRA NOVA Ratings Not Bronto-Sized!

Monday night’s premiere of Fox’s Spielberg produced sci-fi extravaganza “Terra Nova” scored a 3.0 rating, and an 8 share, with the 18-49 demo.  This landed it in third place behind CBS and ABC for the night.  This is likely a huge disappointment to Fox who were expected a major score from this expensive show.  The word “flop” is being bandied about.  An early cancellation looks likely.   Proving, once again, the weakness of sci-fi as a genre on the broadcast networks.

2 Responses to “TERRA NOVA Ratings Not Bronto-Sized!”

  1. Seeing the trailer for this i just thought ‘this looks like so many other shows’ and that kinda left me a little unimpressed. The next ew weeks worth of ratings will see how long this will be around for. For the moment it’s a little premature to label it as a flop/

    • Of course. Anything can happen. But history is against it. Even hit shows stabilize at as much as 30% or more bellow their premiere ratings. Such a drop for “Terra Nova” would place it squarely in cancellation territory.

      If the drop next week is under 10% the show might have a chance. More than that and Fox will begin thinking about replacements.

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