Tonight marks the series premiere of “Terra Nova”.  Steven Spielberg’s new outer-space, dinosaur adventure show.  And here’s some videos to get you in the mood.  First up, a music video using Michelle Branch’s song “Another Sun”.

This is a clip from the series opener.

And this a behind-the-scenes clip with the director of photography.

Another behind-the-scenes clip.  This one focusing on the training in weapons that cast was put through.

This behind-the-scenes clip focuses on the filming of a crucial scene.

This clip examines the show’s “secret weapon” … its characters!

And finally … this video, highlighting a photo shoot.

Now do you feel ready for the show?

2 Responses to “TERRA NOVA Videos!”

  1. Frank mc arthur Says:

    Great show for the whole family. Great way to start a new show with something a miss in the new world. Can,t wait to see next week.

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