UFOs to Visit “Coronation Street”!

Long running British Soap Opera “Coronation Street” is getting a visit from aliens.  Well, maybe not aliens, but a UFO or two … at least.  Here’s how the Mail reports it:

But as they stare up at the constellations, English teacher Brian thinks he has spotted some UFOs and the pair become so convinced of an alien invasion that they keep their eyes on the skies above.

As he looks through the telescope, Brian says: ‘I’m a respected expert in the field of UFO landings and I’m telling you what we’ve seen with our own eyes are the genuine article.

‘This is our time Julie… beam us up, Scottie!’

However, the excitement proves to be all too much for Julie who declares: ‘This UFO spotting business is really turning me on.’

She then grabs her beau and says: ‘Make love to me Brian, I’ll protect you from little green men.’

But they soon turn back to their ‘discovery’ and soon begin to dub themselves ‘The Mulder and Scully of Weatherfield’ in tribute to the detectives in cult 90s sci-fi TV show ‘The X-Files’.

Hmmm … interesting.

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