Sign of the Apocalypes: Two Monthy Comics from Rob Liefeld?

In the nineties, no comic book artist got more press than Rob Liefeld.  A lot of it good.  A lot of it bad.  And most of the bad came from his inability to produce the books he promised.  Once again, Liefeld is making a bold promise.  He says:

I’ve never illustrated 2 monthly books but my childhood idols, John Byrne, George Perez and Jack Kirby did this frequently, its something I’ve always wanted to attempt and here I am pushing myself to achieve that goal. For this year at least, I’m pushing towards making that a reality. As I sit here The Infinite #4 is in production, issue #3 is off to the printer and over at Hawk and Dove issue #2 is off issues #3 and #4 are in various stages of completion, so there’s 4 months worth of doubling-down that has been achieved so far.

We wish Liefeld a lot of luck in this endeavor.  But we’re not placing any bets on his ability to keep up with two monthly for an entire year.  But we’d love Liefeld to prove us, and all other naysayers, wrong.  So get it done, Rob!


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