Video: BACK TO THE FUTURE II Shoes … a Reality!

Remember, Marty McFly’s self-lacing Nikes in Back to the Future II?  Well, they’re a reality.  Sort of.  And it’s all for a good cause.  Confused?  Watch the video and all will be explained.

There is one downside to watching the video above.  You will now want to watch Back to the Future II … again.  Okay, maybe that’s not such a downside so much as a time-sink.  But … heck, we can’t continue to write this post.  We gotta slap that disk into the player and journey …. Back to the Future!

One Response to “Video: BACK TO THE FUTURE II Shoes … a Reality!”

  1. And if you don’t own a copy of BACK TO THE FUTURE you can order the brand new Blu-Ray here:

    And you’ll probably watch it on a set very similar to the ones featured in BACK TO THE FUTURE II. At least they got that right. Though, frankly, we would have preferred the hoverboards.

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