STAR TREK ’09 Inspired by Lou Feck?

Here’s another post in honor of Star Trek’s 45th Anniversary.  We always felt that dry dock scene in Star Trek ’09 was inspired by seventies Star Trek cover artist Lou Feck.  And we think the composite above makes that abundantly clear.  That visual connection was one of the first things that got us excited about this film before release.

9 Responses to “STAR TREK ’09 Inspired by Lou Feck?”

  1. For “inspired by” read “ripped off from.”

    (seriously, Jar-Jar, really?)

  2. Cool! I’d never thought about that despite having Blish’s star trek books on my shelf…. Absolutely beautiful cover!

  3. Oh, I read only 50s/60s/70s sci-fi (check my blog — hehe!!) and I was born in the late 80s…..

    • Yup, Joachim’s blog is indeed a stunner. We recommend all our readers check it out. (A click on his name above will take you there.) There’s only one problem with Joachim’s blog:

      It’s too much fun! You’ll spend hours reading the posts and poring over all that great cover art!

      And then you spend more hours tracking down all the books he talks about.

      Talk about time-sinks!

      • Thank you SO much for your kind words! I’ve put a lot of work into this project — sadly, the reviews I have up are ONLY from the time of this blog so I’ve read hundreds and hundreds of books which deserve reviews but were from before this blog…

        There’s an entire corpus of sci-fi works which aren’t read enough (or have 0 text devoted to them online) — I seek to uncover at least a few of them…

        I’ve enjoyed your blog as well! I’ve always loved Star Trek (and hated the majority of other TV shows) — hahaha

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