BEETLEJUICE Sequel … Without Keaton!

Talk of a Beetlejuice sequel or remake have gone on for years and years.  It’s been touted enough times to make your head spin.  (See what we did there?)  But now it looks like, maybe, just maybe, it will finally happen.  The script will be by Seth Grahame-Smith.  A writer best known for penning the joke novels “Pride and Prejudice with Zombies” and “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”.  And with credits like that … how could it miss?  The project is said to be a continuation of the original movie.   But will include none of the original cast … not even Michael Keaton.

Are we excited about this?  Not really.  Would a return of Keaton change that?  A bit.  Are we just sick of all the sequels and remakes?  Yes.  Are we going to keep asking ourselves this stupid questions?  One more:  Did we ever dress up as Bettlejuice?  No, surprisingly enough, we didn’t.  But if you did.  Or have any thoughts on this or anything else remotely connected to anything.  Share them in out comments section!

2 Responses to “BEETLEJUICE Sequel … Without Keaton!”

  1. I’m not sure if it needs Keaton since its been so long. Then again, with the premise of the movie, its not like he needs to look like he did when the original came out.

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