From May 5, 1948 comes another episode of the fantastic CBS radio series “Escape”.  This one an adaptation of H. G. Wells “The Time Machine”.

It’s not an especially faithful adaptation.  But, then again, neither was the George Pal movie.  It’s a fine adaptation nonetheless.  Full of excitement, adventure and a bit of Wells thoughtful complexity.   And it features the usual fine production values that are a hallmark of CBS radio productions.   “Escape” would do another version of this script in 1950.  We will present that version tomorrow.

One Response to “Audio: THE TIME MACHINE!”

  1. […] Dehner!  If you’d like to listen to the first version of this script you can listen to it here. Share this:FacebookStumbleUponDiggRedditPrintTwitterEmailLike this:LikeBe the first to […]

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