Ebook Readers Get Bonus with Stephen King’s New Novel!

In his new novel 11/22/63, Stephen King turns his baleful glare on the JFK era.  But readers of the ebook will get more of Stephen King’s view of this period than contained between the covers of the book.  Because, in addition to the book, they will also receive a 13 minute documentary about the JFK’s life and times, written and narrated by King himself.  This is one of the first major novels to offer the kind of enhanced experience that ebook producers promised us from the beginning.  And we think that’s nothing but a good thing.

However, it does leave us in a bit of quandary:  Which version of the book do we buy?  Print or ebook?  Ebook or print?  How are we gonna decide?  Yeah, you probably guessed the answer before we did.  Both.  We’ll definitely be buying both.  And we think this is exactly what publishers thought us rabid King fans would do.

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