GODZILLA (1954) to Get Criterion DVD/Blu-Ray Release!

Hints have been bouncing around the ‘net for some time about Criterion giving the original Godzilla a deluxe, proper DVD and Blu-Ray transfer.  But many poo-pooed them.  Claiming it wasn’t the type of thing Criterion did.  Or other lame dismissals.  Then a mysterious photo (above) of a film can with Japanese writing appeared on the Criterion Facebook page.  The writing translates:   “Dupe Posi(tive): GODZILLA. Reel 2 of 10 Reels. Toho Company, Ltd.”!

For those who understand the Criterion mindset.  This can only mean one thing:  Criterion is indeed doing a DVD/Blu-Ray release.  But it won’t be utilizing some old transfer.   They will be doing a new transfer from the interpositive elements!   This is nothing but good news.  Especially for those who were disappointed with previous Blu-Ray releases.  We know that Criterion, as is there wont, will do this right!  Although there isn’t an official announcement yet, we feel totally confident in saying this release will happen!

One Response to “GODZILLA (1954) to Get Criterion DVD/Blu-Ray Release!”

  1. i migliori film…

    […]GODZILLA (1954) to Get Criterion DVD/Blu-Ray Release! « Ghost Radio[…]…

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