Audio: Bradbury 13 – “The Ravine”

You know we love our readers.  And, when they request something, we do everything in our power to make it happen.

So when Franklin King told us he was having trouble locating the episode of  the radio anthology series “Bradbury 13” entitled “The Ravine”, we knew this was a problem we could solve.  We strolled through our voluminous archives, past the towering piles of incunabula, around obsidian statues of strange nether-beasts, through curtains of boney beads, and there it was … right next to a shrunken monkey head …  exactly what Franklin wanted:

Turn down the lights and enjoy.  This is a very creepy tale.

7 Responses to “Audio: Bradbury 13 – “The Ravine””

  1. Remember, folks, if there’s a piece of radio drama you’d like posted on the site … just ask! We probably have it in our archives (they are vast!) and would be happy to oblige.

  2. Ainsley McIlnay Says:

    My mom did this piece for Forensics. I think I’m going to, too 🙂 I’m really glad I’m getting a chance to listen to it here…it’s a very good piece.

  3. can you post the ENTIRE anthology? i LOVED those when i was a kid. if no, maybe just “night call, collect” and “the screaming woman.” and “the veldt.”

  4. cachet watson Says:

    i liked it.It was scary and also very intresting.I liked the part at the end were you thought that the women would die but actually it was the lonely one who died with HIS toungh hanging out so that made me excited and happy that it wasn’t the women.

  5. I love this recording – I had a copy of this on cassette and I believe it ran just a tiny bit faster … Some segments of this audio seem to drag .. Are you able to speed it up just a teeny bit more? Makes it more intense ..

    Also – do you have Here There Be Tigers?

    Thank you for all you do

    • Sometimes the pitch in a recording shifts slightly. And this gives the illusion of the recording going faster or slower. That may be the case with either your recording or this one.

      And “Here There Be Tigers” may show up very soon. Watch this space.

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