Ridely Scott to Direct New BLADE RUNNER Film!

Back in March, we reported on Alcon securing the rights to produce prequels and sequels to the film Blade Runner.  At the time we had this to say:

We’re usually fairly sanguine about these things.  But we think:  Grubby Hands + Blade Runner = Genre Rape.   We wouldn’t mind a filmmaker taking another pass at Philip K. Dick‘s original novel.  But the world of Blade Runner should be kept singular and alone.  Are you with us?

And in response to a comment we added this:

Even if Ridley is involved, we’re not that interested. BR was a specific movie, made at a specific time, and should be left alone.

Well, that eventuality has come to pass.   Deadline reported today that Ridley Scott has signed to direct this project.  It is unclear at this point where it’s a sequel or prequel.  And Harrison Ford’s involvement also isn’t known.

So?  Do we stick to our original reaction?  Sadly, yes, some movie universes should just be left alone.  No matter how enticing a potential sequel or prequel might be.   They shouldn’t be disturbed.  Just think how much happier we’d all be if The Matrix had ended after one film.

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