Photo: Crusader Cross Crop Circle!

Impressive new crop circle formation.  Lucy Pringle, the crop circle expert who photographed it, had this to say about its design:

It has a resemblance to a Cross Clechee with arms spreading out gradually from the centre. This cross denotes knowledge, guardianship, and dominion …  Similar to the Cross Toulouse, it is assumed that the bearer of this cross was a crusader from the area of Toulouse.

The Cross Clechee is also called the “key cross”, and as Ms. Pringle suggests, it is similar to the Cross Toulouse.  And both the Cross Clechee and the Cross Toulouse were used exclusively by crusaders from Toulouse.

Why a crop circle would resemble a Toulousean Crusader cross is unclear.  Something tells us we have to pull out all our “Da Vinci Code” research again.   And, frankly, we’re kinda sick about reading about the Knights Templar.

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