GREEN LANTERN Gets Trashed by Critics!

Things aren’t happy in the Martin Campbell house tonight.  And the always smiley Ryan Reynolds is likely trying on his frowny face.   Because their comic book blockbuster Green Lantern is getting a critical lambasting.  It has a 21% on Rotten Tomatoes.

“… eye candy, and not much more.” — EW

“… a highly unstable alloy of the serious, the goofy and the downright derivative” — Variety

“…it’s as bad as it gets — a dumb, pointless, ugly, moronic and incomprehensible jumble of botched effects, technical blunders, and cluttered chaos.” — Rex Reed

“Green Lantern fails to shine.” — U.S. Weekly

“It’s a frustrating, deeply flawed film rife with missed story opportunities and squandered potential.” — IGN

“What the [Green Lantern’s Power Ring] cannot do, alas, is create a good movie.” — Miami Herald

“.a pretty joyless comic book movie experience.” — MSN Movies

So most of the critics really aren’t digging it.  Doesn’t mean you or I can’t.  But it doesn’t bode well.   Ah, well, not all superhero films can be hits.

2 Responses to “GREEN LANTERN Gets Trashed by Critics!”

  1. Director Campbell, never really seems to be in control of what’s going on and instead he decides to cram the film with as much noise as possible hoping it might distract his audience from thinking that this is actually all a bit of a mess…

    He clearly feels uneasy with this universe and doesn’t quite know what to make of it. The whole philosophical side is just ridiculous, the action scenes are too messy, the special effects underwhelming and the love story is so flat that it becomes redundant.

    The pace is completely off and for a film of this kind which last just under two hours, I found myself looking at my watch way too often.

    My FULL Review:

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