The One Reason to Watch MTV’s TEEN WOLF!

You don’t think there is a reason to watch “Teen Wolf”?  Well, you’d be wrong.  There is at least one reason to give this show a chance.

That reason is …

Russell Mulcahy.

Who is Russell Mulcahy you ask?  Heathens!  Russell Mulcahy is the director who was almost single-handedly responsible for creating the look of music videos.  Mulcahy directed most of the videos for Duran Duran and seminal vidoes for Ultravox, Kim Carnes, Spandau Ballet, Elton John, The Tubes, Billy Joel, Culture Club, Berlin,  Bonnie Tyler, Queen and more.  In fact, if there’s a video from the early eighties that you remember fondly, chances are he did it.

Mulcahy was also one of the first directors to bring this so-called “MTV style” to the big screen via films like Razorback, Highlander, Ricochet and Blue Ice.  And he was criticized for it.  But those films still look great.  The people who criticized them?  Not so much.

And he’s now bringing heaping helpings of that classic Mulcahy feel to “Teen Wolf”.  In fact, the pilot feels more like an eighties film than the original eighties film did!  Seriously.  It does.  And he’s directing six of the ten episodes in season one, and acting as an executive producer on the series.  So forget about your preconceived notions and give “Teen Wolf” a look.

Finally, something MTV-like back on MTV!

4 Responses to “The One Reason to Watch MTV’s TEEN WOLF!”

  1. We put the “Hungry Like the Wolf” video in the post, but avoided a “Hungry LIke the Wolf” pun. Aren’t you impressed? C’mon, admit, you know you are.

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  4. gizli ilimler…

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