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ART: Cover Art for Superman #1, Superboy #1 and Supergirl #1! (And Action #1 Promotional Image!)

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Here’s the cover for Superman #1 by Georges Perez.  We must say we aren’t crazy about the costume changes.  (Jim Lee was responsible for the redesign.)  Superman’s costume is iconic.  Leave it alone.  Some have suggested these costume changes are a way to get around the court decision in DC’s case with Siegel and Shuster estates.  We don’t think so.  The changes we need to be more significant.

Superboy and Supergirl after the jump …

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Doctor Who: Neil Gaiman Wanted Hartnell Reference in “The Doctor’s Wife”!

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In a new blog entry, Neil Gaiman answers a lot of questions about his “Doctor Who” episode “The Doctor’s Wife”.  And we learn a lot of  fun tidbits about the episode.  Like this great one:

I was determined to get a mention of the TARDIS’s Mercury Fluid Link in there, because it was the first bit of the TARDIS I ever knew the name of, along with the machine that made food that looked like Mars Bars but tasted like bacon and eggs, but neither of them got on screen.

Both of these are references to “The Daleks” the second “Doctor Who” serial ever broadcast.  And the one that made “Dalek” a household word and the show the phenomena  it still is today.   This story featured William Hartnell as the Doctor (above) and William Russell, Jacqueline Hill, and Carole Ann Ford as Ian Chesterton, Barbra Wright and Susan, respectively.  For more of the Gaiman “Doctor Who” Q&A click here.

Video: New Interviews for J.J. Abrams’ SUPER 8!

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Here’s an interview with J.J. Abrams about Super 8 which opens today.  More interviews after the jump.

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