DOCTOR WHO: Fan Reaction to River Song Reveal!

It’s been a few days.  Time for us to collect some fan reactions via YouTube to the big “River Song Reveal” on “Doctor Who”.  The reaction as been decidedly mixed.

[Note:  We won’t spoil the reveal anywhere in this post.  But the videos do.  So if you haven’t watched “A Good Man Goes to War” yet, and don’t want the reveal spoiled, don’t watch these videos.]

The video above summarizes well one type of reaction.  Especially the first few seconds.  This one doesn’t the obviousness of the reveal though likes the episode overall:

More reactions after the jump …

And if you have a River Song reveal reaction video (try saying that three times fast) on YouTube, post a link in the comments section and we’ll try to include it!

This viewer quite likes the reveal, but isn’t a fan of River Song overall.

Thinks the reveal is opens up a huge “plot hole”.  Watch the video to see what she means:

This YouTuber tries a comic approach.  And doesn’t wear a shirt.  We aren’t too keen on either decision.  YMMV.

Here’s a treat:  The director’s commentary on the reveal scene:

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