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Will Syfy Bring Back THE EVENT?

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Rumors abound this week and last that the Syfy Channel is mulling over the possibility of continuing NBC’s “The Event” either as a mini-series or a ongoing.  Star Taylor Coles hopes the answer is yes.  She told Popcornbiz:

We’re waiting to hear if ‘The Event” is going to get picked back up … They keep breaking our hearts and then giving us hope.

However, Syfy exec Craig Engler tweeted this:

To answer some questions I’ve been getting, at this time we have no plans to pick up “The Event”.

Is that just the usual non-denial, denial.  Or is it definitive?  In the words of the show’s original promo:  What will you believe?

DC Comics Relaunch: List of Titles! (Updated: OFFICIAL LIST OF All 52 TITLES!)

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For those who don’t follow comics, a major event occurred last week.  DC Comics announced that starting in September, they will be relaunching their entire line, starting with new number issues of every title,  and offering digital and print day-and-date releases for the entire line.

The company has stressed this isn’t a “reboot”.  But it’s unclear what that means.  Some character will have no origins.  Some will not.  Some parts of continuity will be maintained.  Some won’t.

We’re not overly enthused about this event.  Especially the change in Superman’s costume!  But we are excited about the digital-day-date releases.  That’s a long time coming.  But we hope they will realize they will need to allow offline PC storage of digital titles, or it isn’t a true digital initiative.   Exact details of the digital initiative haven’t been released, so we’re unsure if they’re following their current model or instituting a new one.

You can view the official list of titles and creative teams after the jump.

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