Wonder Woman Not Picked Up For Series!

TV by the Numbers is reporting:

Wonder Woman has been picked up to series by NBC, but no information yet on its scheduling.

Although this news isn’t official, TBN trusts their source.  And our sources are confirming this.  So we feel pretty confident in reporting this.  We do, however, hear rumors that some re-shoots are planned to “adjust the tone” of the pilot.  Hmmm … more on that later.

Update:  The rumor mill is still going crazy over this story.  Some still insisting the series is a go.  Other say no.  But most say no real answer till the 16th.  

Update II:  It seems that TV By the Numbers is changing their tune.  Now they’re reporting:

Apparently, NBC has now passed on Wonder Woman, which our previously reliable source had told us would be picked up.

So much for new superhero series this fall.  We’ll have to settle for … um … “Charlies Angels”?

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