Tarantino’s Next Film: DJANGO UNCHAINED!

In 1966, a Italian western was released directed by Sergio Corbucci and starring Franco Nero.  It was called Django.  Noted for its unique main character and ultra-violence the film immediately became a sensation.  Although the film only inspired one official sequel, it had at least 31 unofficial sequels.  Some suggest the number exceeds 100.  The name also inspired the “Jango Fett” character in the Star Wars saga.  In 2007, cult Japanese director Takashi Miike joined the group with Sukiyaki Western Django.    And now Tarantino wants in.  It’s been reported that he’s just handed in a script to the Weinstein Company entitled Django Unchained.

Little is known about this project other the fact that QT wants to get started as quickly as possible.  It’s not even clear what connection it has to the original films.  But the Django concept is the perfect inspiration for QT to roll out another one of his exploitation inspired slabs of cinema goodness.  This time Western style.

Don’t get it?

After the jump we offer a bunch of trailers from various Django movies to help you understand  …

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