Superman Hates America?

Superman usually gets in the mainstream press because he’s dying or getting married or changing his costume.   But this week he’s all over the news for his political views.  Yup, you read that right, his political views?!?   Or, to be more precise, a discussed action.    In this case, the notion that he’s going to renounce his American citizenship.  This has caused a furor online and off.   For a good rundown of all that you might want to look at Bleeding Cool’s coverage.

More on this story after the jump …

Of course, as usual, most of the reaction comes from people who haven’t read the story.  We have.  And, as you might expect, the bulk of the reaction misses the point of the story.  The story, entitled “The Incident”,  is a nine-page musing on the nature of Superman’s role in the world appearing at the back of the Action Comics #900 special.

The story is written by David Goyer and illustrated by Miguel Sepulveda.  It should be important to note that this story clearly takes place outside main Superman continuity.   And, though not labelled as such, it essentially an “imaginary” or “elseworlds story”.

In the story, Superman has been summoned to the White House to discuss the fact that he stood in solidarity with peaceful Iranian protesters during a recent protest in Tehran.   The White House is disturbed because his actions are being construed as having been endorsed by the U.S..  And, thus,  potentially as an act of war.  At this point Superman says he’s going to renounce his American citizenship in a speech before the United Nations so there will be no confusion as to who took the action.  The story ends with Superman and the White House official musing on whether or not his actions in Iran did any good.  Supes says he isn’t sure, but recalls one thing he saw as he flew away from the protests:  An Iranian soldier accepting a rose from an Iranian demonstrator.

Although some have suggested the story is “left wing”.  The Iranian democracy movement is something which has been supported at least as vehemently on the right.  Perhaps more vehemently.   And this is the impetus behind the entire story.

Feel free to comment on the story.  But we will be moderating the comments.  So stay civil.

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